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Meet BestOfMe

BestOfMe is Asia’s leading development platform empowering organisations to unlock success through coaching, mentoring and training of individuals and teams with top-notch coaches in Singapore and anywhere in Asia.

Our vision as a digital coaching platform operating out of Singapore is to empower people to be the best version of themselves. We combine Human, Science and Technology to make coaching accessible to everyone.

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Online Coaching Platform Singapore


We developed our proprietary science-backed profiling tools and coach recommendation engine with decades of data.

Human Coaching

Personalised human-to-human coaching by a pool of expert leadership, performance, career and well-being coaches who can help you live your best life.


We adopt a high-tech, high-touch approach – offering services via our in-house mobile and web-based app, allowing coaching, and learning to happen anywhere, anytime on our online coaching platform!

Why BestOfMe?

BestOfMe is your turnkey solution to build a happier, healthier and more effective workforce.
We empower your people to be the best versions of themselves.

Coaching Platform


We understand Asian culture

Professional Coaching Services

Customized Goals

We align our personalised coaching programs with your company’s goals.

Professional Coaching Services Singapore

Easy Adoption

We make onboarding simple for both administrators and employees

Online Coaching Platform

Cost Effective

We provide cost-effective professional coaching solutions as we scale through technology with our solutions.

How BestOfMe Works

We partner with forward-thinking companies to provide holistic 1-1 coaching and development experiences on our online platform to help employees be the “BestOfMe”.

The experience is seamless through a 4-step approach:

Life And Business Coach
Step 1: Personalized Assessment

We first discover employees’ personality strengths, styles, and motivations through a science-backed assessment on our coaching platform.

Life And Business Coach Singapore
Step 2: Set Coaching Focus Area

Pick a coaching focus area you’d like to work on with a BestOfMe coach like your personal life or work & business aspects.

Personalised Coaching
Step 3: Match The Coach

Our proprietary matching algorithm on BestOfMe considers the members’ needs, styles and preferences and recommends three best-fit coaches to partner with you.

Coaching Platform Singapore
Step 4: Start Coaching & Learning

All BestOfMe coaching and micro-learning experiences are conducted via the members’ mobile devices or laptops, empowering them to take ownership of their growth and development and learn anytime, anywhere.

Meet Our Coaches

BestOfMe coaches are carefully hand-picked based on their passion, experiences and qualifications, backed with strong, successful track records in helping people unlock their potential.


What clients say about BestOfMe coaches?

BestOfMe Review

Suman won my trust by her simple yet helpful and logical explanation behind how our minds work.

Fraud Risk Manager

Major International Bank

BestOfMe Review

Sam has been supporting our leadership development program. Through his work, we have seen stronger leadership traits developing across our organisation.



Major International Insurer

BestOfMe Review

Lee Fong has helped me to be a better leader, really appreciate her coaching the past one year.


Deputy Director

LKY School of Public Policy

BestOfMe Review

I was able to see how a couple of really well thought through piercing questions can truly change a conversation.


Senior Culture & Talent Director

Data Analytics Company

BestOfMe Review

Michelle Lim is an excellent coach. She guided me throughout the program, helping me to deeply understand those useful tools/models and more importantly inspiring me to make changes.


Country Head of HR Biz Partnership

Financial Services, China

BestOfMe Review

Gerald is not only patient in guiding me to ensure understanding, his willingness to connect with me using personal experiences and storytelling left an indelible mark in this coaching relationship.


Vice President

APAC Company

BestOfMe Review

Interacting with Mr. Seok has been an outstanding experience for me personally. He can relate to an individual holistically and provide a wholesome experience covering personal and professional self.


Managing Director

Consulting Firm

BestOfMe Review

Susan really took the time to listen and understand my leadership style and the relevant real-life examples before chipping in with reassurance and tips. The cue to focus on the attitude and attributes of the candidates as part of the recruitment process was insightful.


IT Director

Telco Industry

More Than Just A Coaching Platform

The many kinds of coaching and learning solutions BestOfMe offers aim to motivate you to bring out the confident person you were meant to be. Our platform does not just offer services, but a transforming experience with great coaches, mentors and trainers in Singapore.

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