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Revealing the Simplicity and Effectiveness of Solution-focused Coaching with Coach Josephine

Josephine has been using the Solution Focused (SF) approach since 2013. She likes it because it’s simple, flexible, and natural. It lets coaches ask the right questions in a way that fits the person they’re talking to. Josephine believes SF helps people change from the inside, which she has experienced personally. Ai Chin agrees with her, finding SF more practical than other coaching methods.

What is Digital Coaching: Are Its Benefits Over In-Person Coaching Worth Exploring?

If you’re someone who’s familiar with in-person coaching, but wondering if digital coaching could work for you, you’re not alone. Let’s take a closer look at what digital coaching is.

Coach Your Way To Leadership Success With This 4-Step Process

Coaching as a powerful managerial skill Are you searching for ways to inspire your teams to reach their full potential? Well, one of the best ways we've found is embracing coaching as a powerful managerial skill. By doing this, we'll empower our teams to take charge...

Building a Feedback Culture

Building A Feedback Culture Starts With Team Managers Everyone is very nice in the organisation, there is not much feedback exchange amongst team members, people are not receptive to feedback and team managers do not know how to give feedback. Does this sound familiar...

7 Tips to Build Resilience in Your Leaders

Organisational leaders are susceptible to adversity, including loneliness. There are many scenario and circumstances that lead to leaders feeling lonely while operating in their business environments. The higher one goes up the leadership ladder, the more susceptible...

Coaching vs Mentoring: The Distinctive Differences between Them

Mentors and coaches are trusted advisors who support the professional growth of their protégés. But while mentoring and coaching complement one another, there are also distinct differences between the two. Both relationships have value in helping professionals develop...

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Born Leaders vs Developing Leaders

Born Leaders vs Developing Leaders

Great leaders make a huge difference when compared to merely good leaders. The more great leaders you develop in your organisation, the more it will become an outstanding organisation. We believe...

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Finding Your Dream Career

Finding Your Dream Career

How do you SHAPE your dream career? After spending more than half of my working life with youths, they often ask me, “How do I know what I’m really good in?”, “What job suits me?” or “I’m not sure...

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