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Want to level up your leadership game and be a C leader? Learn tips to elevate your leadership to the next level from C-suite Leaders and Leadership Coaches in our exclusive webinar with limited slots available!


Ai Chin Chiew | Founder & CEO, BestOfMe
Alvin Ng | Vice President & GM, Johnson Controls
Michele Lum | Former Chief Leadership Officer, Petronas (Malaysia)

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Inspiring Women

Celebrating Women: A Daughter, A Wife, A Mother, A Leader

March 24th | 10.00am – 12.15pm

A webinar that was held in conjuction with the International Women’s Day 2022, organized by BestOfMe in partnership with EMG Pte Ltd.

Watch Now to hear from a global keynote speaker, learn about voice coaching and be inspired by stories from empowering women. Find out how anyone can be the best version of themselves through some coaching and mentoring.