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At BestOfMe, we believe everyone deserves to be their best self. Partner with our BestOfMe coach in Singapore to uncover your inner self confidence, identify your strengths and limitations, and explore the best opportunities for growth and success.

Self Confidence Coach Singapore
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Whole Person Coaching

We understand that everyone is unique and has their own stories. BestOfMe coaches adopt whole person coaching – we emphasise the importance of focusing on you, as a person, helping you realise your happiest, fullest, and most successful selves through coaching services and improving your work life balance to bring you personal empowerment.

Our coaches are professionally trained and certified to help you in some of these areas:

Personal Empowerment Coaching Singapore


Build your leadership brand, strengthen your leadership presence, or engage and lead your team more effectively with BestOfMe’s coaching for better confidence.

Personal Empowerment Coaching


Learn what motivates and drives your hunger for success. Develop a goal-setting system that fuels your ambition to elevate your individual performance and gain more personal empowerment with coaching.

Confidence Coaching Singapore

Career Direction

Navigate your career path, discover your passion and purpose, identify changes you can make to accelerate your career goals.

Confidence Coaching


Overcome self-doubts and limiting beliefs. Build confidence with a coach in Singapore to truly take control of your life and achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

Singapore Life Coaching


​Improve your communication skills through overcoming self-limiting fear so you can speak confidently regardless of context and crowd.

Work Life Balance Coaching Singapore


Build your mental muscles and learn stress management techniques to prevent yourself from burning out by improving your work life balance through coaching.

Work Life Balance Coaching


Learn how to communicate better and improve the relationship with the people you care about or help you get “unstuck” in a less than ideal relationship with personal relationship coaching.

Life Coaching Singapore


Learn basic financial management skills and create healthy habits to achieve your financial goals earlier.

BestOfMe Stories

See how BestOfMe has helped to change lives.

BestOfMe Review My coach assisted me in finding out what I wanted to achieve and how to work towards it. She helped me to spot my blind spots and gave me the courage to believe that no obstacle will hold me back from success. I have noticed positive changes in my mindset and attitude towards my personal life and career ever since I began coaching.

Coaching helps boost my confidence and build positive mindset

Intern, Ernst & Young

BestOfMe Review My coach helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs and guided me to reframe my narrative and situational perception towards a new view. With the new perspective, I am able to exercise boundary management in both my personal and work life and now I am in the process of getting a potential promotion.

Coaching helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs, and now I am in the process of getting a promotion

Management System Manager, Cnooc International

BestOfMe Review Through coaching I realized the importance of developing an internal capacity to navigate the emotions that empower me to select my response rather than reacting to my environment or individual. I changed my sleeping habits and intentionally spent more quality time with family with increased presents.

I also started paying more attention to the domain of life that energizes me while working hard towards achieving my goals with self -compassion. Since then, I perform better at work, and I’ve started practicing coaching skillsets at work too.

I can navigate my emotions better through coaching, and it helped me thrive at work

Program Manager, MNC

BestOfMe Review My coach helped me to confront my emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying for decades and to rewire my usual “avoidance” approach to difficult situations. I am constantly assured by her calming presence and unconditional support. I am now confidently applying what I’ve learnt to my personal and professional life, which has allowed me to experience several breakthroughs in these few months.

I experienced several breakthroughs through coaching

Senior Research Engineer, A*Star

How BestOfMe Works

We provide holistic 1-1 coaching and development experiences to help you be the “BestOfMe”.

The experience is seamless through a 4-step approach:

Personal Coaching Singapore

Step 1: Personalized Assessment

First, we discover your personality strengths, styles, and motivations through a science-backed assessment.

Personal Life Coaching

Step 2: Set Coaching Focus Area

Pick a coaching focus area you’d like to work on for your personal coaching with a BestOfMe coach.

Personal Coaching Services

Step 3: Match The Coach

Our proprietary matching algorithm considers your needs, styles, and preferences to recommend three best-fit coaches.

Personal Coaching Services Singapore

Step 4: Start Coaching & Learning

All coaching and micro-learning experiences are conducted via your mobile devices or laptops, empowering you to take ownership of your growth and development. Learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

Helping You Grow Into A Confident Person

Our coaches care deeply about your self development, which is why we feel that BestOfMe provides more than just services on a platform.

Our coaching solutions are a transformative experience that brings you on a journey to better yourself.


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