Make Your Teams A Competitive Advantage

Get the tools and strategies to build a trust-based culture where high-performing teams thrive and achieve consistent success through coaching and masterclass.

Happy and successful looking team members

High-Performing Teams

The value of a high-performing team has long been recognized


Increase in sales

if there is teamwork and collaboration effort

Better performance rates

for companies that promote collaboration at work

Retention rates

if the employees operate in a high-performing environment

Boosting Team Morale and Collaboration

Our coaches help your teams

  • Establish strong relationships
  • Communicate vision
  • Build trust
  • Master collaboration

Fostering Leadership Skills

Our coaches work with your team leaders to

  • Motivate and engage
  • Inspire authentically
  • Grow mental resilience
  • Build confidence

Driving Results through Improved Performance

Our coaches help your teams

  • Establish strong relationships
  • Communicate vision
  • Build trust
  • Master collaboration
Smiling Leader Coach - BestOfMe Team Training

Give your organisation a competitive advantage

Multiply your business through a high-performance team. Stay ahead of the competition by creating a culture of excellence, innovation, and productivity.

Our Solutions

Our high-performing team masterclasses are based on the 5 Behaviors of Cohesive team by Patrick Lencioni and start with a Masterclass with coaching embedded as part of the whole experience.

Build a cohesive team through Masterclasses.

Our high performance team master class will break down barriers, build trust and the commitment to a collective organisation goal. Apply the behavioral diagnostic tools – 3 Dimension Report (DISC, TEAMS Style, Behavioral Attitude Index) to understand team dynamics. Learn More

Coaching & Mentoring

Empower your employees at every level to embrace change, adapt to new processes, and drive success in your organization’s transformation journey. Request Demo

Bite-size micro-learning

Your employees can now learn anytime, anywhere with quick and easy-to-digest lessons on the platform. These micro-learning reinforces the learnings from master classes and coaching.

Our Testimonials

Coach Edmund has provided an amazing coaching experience that has helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement, making me a more effective leader. Our sessions have been engaging, and the convenience of being able to connect with him remotely through BestOfMe’s digital platform is fantastic.

Tan Chor Ee

Senior EVP, Thai Life Insurance

I am impressed by BestOfMe’s passion for coaching and their ability to help others. I would highly recommend BestOfMe’s coaching and outplacement services to any organization looking to support their employees during difficult times.

Jason Wong

Regional Director (APAC), Nynas Pte Ltd

BestOfMe helped us better understand each other and taught us constructive, effective ways to approach one another based on all our DISC styles. Our team had a lot of fun in the two days, and took away a lot of insights. Excited to apply this to our day to day activities and see how much further this will take us!

Elsa Chan

Senior Financial Consultant, Great Eastern

The High-performing teams Masterclass was a game-changer for our team. I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone looking to improve their team dynamics and take their performance to the next level.

Eric Pang

Product Manager

I have a much closer working relationship with my team. I feel connected with them and I have a true appreciation when I work with my people.


Dy. Finance Director, Education Industry

Build a High-Performing Team With Us

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