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Learn to adopt the solution-focused approach to drive meaningful and impactful change through coaching and masterclasses.

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A culture that always delivers

A study conducted by ICF (International Coach Federation) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers showed that organizations that invest in coaching experienced a return on investment (ROI) of 7 times the initial investment.


higher revenue

for organisations with strong coaching culture vs their industry peers (Human Capital Institute)


highly engaged

As rated by employees at companies with strong coaching cultures  (Human Capital Institute)



In sales performance of core performers (Harvard Business Review)

Our leadership coaching program helps your leaders to

Boost Team Engagement and Productivity

Develop a solution-focused mindset and techniques to inspire trust, provide effective feedback and drive changes effectively

Drive employee engagement

In the war for talent, high employee engagement will give you a strong competitive advantage.

Build psychological safety

Learn how to build a strong coaching culture in organizations. Adopt solution-focused leadership coaching skills to become an effective and inspiring leader to drive a high-performing team.

Successful Woman Leader - BestOfMe Leadership Coaching

Everyone can be a leader to ignite change

Whether you are a

  • Strategic leader
  • People leader
  • New managers
  • Individual contributor

Everyone is capable of living to their fullest potential.

Strategic leaders

As senior executives, your leader drives change and think strategically. We have coaches who are senior corporate leaders and they can help your leaders to:

  • Shape strategies
  • Think globally
  • Manage top talent
  • Lead Change
  • Navigate leadership dynamics

People leaders

If your business leaders lead teams for three to four years and want to build high performance teams, our coaches will help them

  • Develop others
  • Build inclusive team culture
  • Lead with empathy
  • Build influencing skills
  • Develop effective performance conversations

New Managers

Help your managers create bigger impact. For new managers, our coaches will help them

  • Learn to delegate
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Build trust and relationships
  • Develop effective performance conversations
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Manage conflicts

Individual Contributors

For anyone (at any level) who doesn’t directly manager any people but does make an impact, our coach will help them

  • Build confidence
  • Manage conflicts
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Embrace diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Get a better work/life balance

Our Approach

We take an InsideOut Approach to coaching. We are guided by the fundamental belief that mining the inner strengths and capabilities of the individual will lead to the organisation’s success.
We believe in a whole-person InsideOut approach to professional and personal development. When an individual’s personal well-being is well taken care, he or she will thrive professionally at work, and inspire authentically as a leader.

Personal Well-Being

By taking a proactive stance of improving, maintaining, and nurturing our well-being, we can strengthen our inner core to enable us to live more healthily, productively, and meaningfully.

Thrive Professionally

Thriving professionally is all about developing positive self-leadership capability. It’s being able to identify, direct, and motivate your own behaviors and thoughts to achieve personal growth, as well as organisational success.

Inspire Authentically

The ability to inspire and bring people together, manage conflict, and connect on an individual level with coworkers can lead to a more connected and fulfilling career and life.

Our Solutions

We take a holistic approach in levelling up your team leadership


Through the Leader Coach Masterclass, we focus on building solution-focused coaching skills and competencies for your leaders so that they can multiply the impact in your organisation and if your leaders want to take their coaching further, we provide additional certification support to pursue Leader Coach credential under the Association of Coaching, UK. Learn More

Coaching & Mentoring

To help your leaders move from good to great, we work with Zenger Folkman –The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment™ which utilises data from over 1 million evaluations on over 125,000 global leaders. This strengths-based approach and assessments provide the starting point for the leadership coaching conversation. Request Demo

Bite-size micro-learning

With the convenience and accessibility of bite-sized micro-learning, leaders can take control of their development like never before. Select from a curated list of leadership topics to reinforce your growth and consistently achieve your goals

Our Testimonials

Coach Edmund has provided an amazing coaching experience that has helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement, making me a more effective leader. Our sessions have been engaging, and the convenience of being able to connect with him remotely through BestOfMe’s digital platform is fantastic.

Tan Chor Ee

Senior EVP, Thai Life Insurance

I am impressed by BestOfMe’s passion for coaching and their ability to help others. I would highly recommend BestOfMe’s coaching and outplacement services to any organization looking to support their employees during difficult times.

Jason Wong

Regional Director (APAC), Nynas Pte Ltd

BestOfMe helped us better understand each other and taught us constructive, effective ways to approach one another based on all our DISC styles. Our team had a lot of fun in the two days, and took away a lot of insights. Excited to apply this to our day to day activities and see how much further this will take us!

Elsa Chan

Senior Financial Consultant, Great Eastern

The High-performing teams Masterclass was a game-changer for our team. I highly recommend this Masterclass to anyone looking to improve their team dynamics and take their performance to the next level.

Alvis Thor

Group FSD, Prudential

I have a much closer working relationship with my team. I feel connected with them and I have a true appreciation when I work with my people.


Dy. Finance Director, Education Industry

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