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Our BestOfMe Coaches

Meet Our BestOfMe Coaches

BestOfMe coaches are carefully hand-picked via a rigorous selection process based on their passion, experiences and qualifications.

They bring an average of over 10 years of professional coaching experience. Many have been leaders in various key industries.

Meet Some of BestOfMe Coaches

Suman Balani

ICF – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Former CIO, Global Finance Corporation and Former President of ICF Singapore

Suman is an experienced executive coach with a pedigree unmatched by many others. She had assumed executive positions in key industries such as Information Technology and Finance and is a huge believer in the transformative power of coaching. Her coaching portfolio includes helping multiple business leaders in the Fortune 500 companies experience a paradigm shift in their perspective of management and organizational excellence. Building on her years of experience as a high-level executive, Suman can share valuable personalized insights to renew her client’s goals and thinking through an evocative approach.

BestOfMe ReviewI’ve benefited greatly from the coaching sessions with Suman. I’ve basic knowledge of what the coaches do. Rather than pose formulaic questions and expect me to answer them all by myself, I was glad that Suman shared her candid observation with me right from the start. She inserts the questions deftly to provoke my thoughts and dispenses constructive suggestions when needed. I would say that it was an excellent combination of concepts and personalized insights, with some nudging, built up progressively over the series of interactions. We’ve managed tobuild a relationship of trust, based on which Suman has been able to serve as a mirror, reflecting the areas I had that consciously or unconsciously chosen to ignore. Even though I’m not quite in the state that I want to be, I certainly have a sharper awareness of the areas that I need to work on and have been motivated to make those changes day by day.

Chief Executive Officer, Major International Insurer

Edmund Chew

Executive Coach, CPCC

Former VP of Human Resource, Fortune 500

Edmund is highly pragmatic in his approach to executive coaching. He had vast experience supporting leadership development and transformation at organizational levels and his innate ability to engage authentically at an individual level. His purpose is to continue making a positive impact on individuals and organizations and help them grow and thrive.

Edmund’s experience as an executive coach spans clients from Western multinationals to Asian conglomerates in various industries. Edmund has more than 25 years of hands-on experience as a practitioner in top global companies and across technology, healthcare, engineering, air shipment, logistics, and consultancy sectors. He has held several senior executive positions, including Vice-President & Head, HR. He is thoroughly hyper-growth, rapid organizational expansion, acquisitions and downsizing were the norms.

BestOfMe ReviewEdmund is very authentic as a coach, and I can feel his genuine heart o help people. He has a friendly approach to coaching, providing sound advice when needed and sufficient space for self-reflection and discovery. I benefited from my time spent with him, and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a good coach.

Chief Executive Officer, Multi-National Financial Institution

Khai Phang Ng (Gerald)

Executive Coach (Coach University), Conscious Business Coaching

Former Director, Learning & Organization Development

In Gerald’s coaching career, his mission is to help people be more successful and happier, using the most effective approach possible. Till today, it is his very intent to help his clients be more self-aware of their strengths/ limitations. To experience breakthroughs in their leadership skills, productivity, time management, goal fulfilment, creativity, resilience management while maintaining work-life balance. There is also an increasing focus on career development.

Gerald has over 30 years of work experience with diversified experience in various aspects of Human Resource Development (HRD). He has been in the Coaching practice since 2009 as an Executive Coach. Heis bilingual in English and Mandarin and speaks fluent Cantonese.

BestOfMe ReviewSince my coaching partnership with Gerald Ng, he has proven to be an exemplary professional coach – always prepared, patient, yet enabling. He constantly shows a deep sense of interest in my life and work. His understanding of my issues and insights are always spot-on. As a result, I feel very supported, and because of this connection, I will open up and even be vulnerable to share my deepest thoughts. Significantly, he has helped me to find solutions in achieving my goals.

IT Manager, ASEAN Infrastructure

Samuel Kurian

ICF – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Former President of ICF Malaysia

Samuel is a Seasoned Executive Coach (ICF) who has amassed more than 30 years of working experience across industries like Banking, Hospitality, NGO, Consulting and many more. During his ever-successful coaching career, Samuel’s insights, and strategy, have helped many chiefs and senior-level executives build a high-performance team that last. He’s a firm believer that leaders come and go, but leadership within the organization remains his company’s true competitive advantage.

BestOfMe ReviewSam’s personalized approach in executive coaching helped me transition from Head of Finance to Chief Operating Officer and finally to Chief Executive Officer role. Reflections and actual situational analysis done with him, coupled with helpful advice from his great corporate experience and his words of encouragement in the coaching process, had allowed me to understand myself better and be ready to leap forward.

Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare MNC

Heng Wah Seok

ICF – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Former Global Fortune 500 HR Director, Master’s in psychology

Seok is a competent and decisive Coach and Change management professional with a passion for contributing to the growth of our next generation. Seok’s career has spanned across IT, Education Services and the automotive industry. He had assumed various positions in Sales, Operations, Human Resources Development and Change Management in both SME and MNC organizations with over 25 years of corporate experience. He has an in-depth understanding of China, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore’s local business and social landscapes. Seok believes the best outcome of coaching engagement happen when the coachee emerges and transform with sustainability. 

BestOfMe ReviewInteracting with Mr. Seok has been an outstanding experience for me personally. His ability to discover the real issues that cloud an executive thinking and impede their progress in a very claim and patient manner is commendable as a coach. It is path-breaking to suggest solutions that can help an executive self-realize the situation and see it from alternative perspectives. He can relate to an individual holistically and provide a wholesome experience covering personal and professional self. He believesin relationships and nurtures them with care and thought; this makes it a warm understanding and a long-lasting one. I always look forward to meeting him, again and again, to seek his counsel and advice. He’s a wise man, and one can trust him with everything.

Managing Director, IT Services & Consulting

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