How good is your social skills? Take the quiz and find out if you react appropriately or not in the following situations.

When you were out for dinner with your colleagues one day, your wife keeps calling you on the phone. You say to her:

You will have to miss a team gathering next week because it's your child's birthday. You tell your team:

A man at the bus stop asks if he can borrow your mobile phone. You say to him:

Your mobile phone is out of battery when you needed to make a phone call at a friend's house. You say to her:

You're at a cafe. The waiter has brought you the wrong order. What do you say to the waiter?

You're on the phone with a Customer Service representative for the last 20 minutes. He said something that you could not understand. You say to him:

Your boss asked to see a report that is not ready. You say to your boss:

It's 10 p.m and you're preparing to go to bed. You have an important presentation at work tomorrow morning. A friend texts you because she wants to drop by to pass some bakes. You say to your friend:

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