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Our Story

BestOfMe is born from the passion and mission to help everyone become their best version of themselves.

Creates a high-performance and empowered workforce that are resilient towards future change through accessible coaching at all levels.

Our Values

BestofMe Team on a Mission

Team on a Mission

We are one team with one mission – to do good and to help people grow.

BestOfMe Believe in People

Believe in People

We believe in the potential in people. We see individuals as unique and deserve to be at their best.

BestOfMe Bet on a Passion

Bet on Passion

We are passionate about creating a positive impact to individuals, teams, organizations and society.

Best of Me Dare to be Different

Dare to Be Different

We choose to be unconventional, innovative and creative to WOW our customers.

Best of Me Seek to Build Trust

Seek to Build Trust

We encourage open and honest feedback, and we promote a culture of doing what’s right.

BestOfMe Founders

Our Vision

To be Asia’s most people-centric company that empowers people to be the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

To enable people to unlock their fullest potential through quality and personalised coaching – made accessible to everyone.

BestOfMe Personalized Coaching

Our Leadership Team

Patrick Teow
Patrick Teow

Co-Founder and Advisor

Patrick led a large MNC in the Insurance Industry as a CEO prior to starting a new chapter of his life, moving from success to significance. With a passion to make a difference through coaching.

Ai Chin Chiew

Ai Chin Chiew

Founder & CEO

With over 17 years of leadership experience in the Finance & Banking Industry, Ai Chin brings with her the ambition, vision and mission to help people become the best version of themselves.

Ian Tan Lifeskills Institute

Ian Tan


As the Chief Enabling Officer of Lifeskills Institute, Ian has empowered over 200,000 leaders across 20 countries through certification, training and coaching.

Our Advisory Panel

Jack Zenger

Jack H. Zenger

Co-founder and CEO of Zenger Folkman

Jack Zenger is the Co-founder and CEO of Zenger Folkman. He is also a bestselling author, speaker, and national columnist for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. With more than five decades of experience, Jack is considered a world expert in leadership development and organizational behaviour. He is a highly esteemed and influential speaker, consultant, and executive coach, well connected with audiences through compelling research and inspiring stories.

Simon Lee

Simon Lee

Master Executive Coach of BRIEF Academy

Simon Lee is one of Asia’s pioneer executive coaches specializing in Higher Ground Leadership and Solution Focused Brief Coaching. He has over 25 years of business management experience and works with organizations to provide innovative solutions that illuminate the strength of leaders to propel positive change.​

Our Team Members

BestOfMe Coaching Staff Mandy

Mandy Tan

Director, Growth & Strategy

BestOfMe Coaching Adalyn

Adalyn Ng

Customer Success Officer

BestOfMe Coaching Staff Chi

Kim Chi

Project Manager

BestOfMe Coaching Staff Avery

Avery Anh

UI/UX Designer Lead

BestOfMe Coaching Staff Harry

Harry Luu

Tech Solutions Lead

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