According to a report[1] commissioned by the Singapore Tourism Board, three out of four workers worldwide will be millennials by 2025. The same report also mentioned that around 66 per cent of this generation makes up Singapore’s workforce, perhaps even more now.

As many Gen Y individuals enter different industries, leaders like you will likely work with them daily at your workplace. Communicating and bridging possible generational gaps between workers from different generations is essential.

Coaching conversations are a great way to go about it and take a different problem-solving approach instead of simply telling them what to do. Let us share why this can work well with your Gen Y employees.

1. Improves employee management

Effective communication through coaching conversations allows you to approach an issue or struggle your employee may face openly. It gives you a chance as their leader to help them to dissect it into more manageable parts.

Understanding your worker’s points of view can allow you to push them to find solutions and delegate tasks better so that they can manage their workload productively, while you can do the same with your employees. Good employee management allows your staff to perform at their best to achieve your organisation’s goals, so you should be the one to motivate them and lend a hand instead of dictating what they should do.

Managing a large number of employees in an organisation can be difficult sometimes. Besides the helpful methods mentioned, you can consider looking into business and leadership coaching in Singapore to upskill yourself.

Coaching conversations can significantly help reduce stress, providing clearer minds to work better under pressure.

2. Builds more trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful and functional organisation. Being consistently clear about what you expect from your employees helps them to trust your leadership more. When you guide them to look at the bigger picture, they may become more receptive and take your advice more seriously.

Using a coaching approach allows you to prove your capability as a leader because workers will realise that you are someone they can share their weaknesses with to grow into their hidden potential. Coaching conversations encourage employees to take ownership of their mistakes and setbacks and find a way to bounce back ten times better.

Creating stronger bonds with your team also helps boost workplace morale as team members trust their leader more and know that they have other teammates they can rely on.

3. Creates an inclusive workplace

When a leader like you has coaching conversations with your team and provides effective communication, you automatically set an example for your employees, encouraging them to do the same with anyone else in the workplace.

When more employees improve on their communication and learn how to guide themselves, you create a platform where different voices can be heard. Especially with generational differences between the millennials, baby boomers and Gen Z workers, it is essential to understand each other before setting those differences aside.

Promoting more inclusivity in your organisation can also improve employee satisfaction as staff can get along and feel like they have a place in your company.

As a leader, you also have the ability to shift the millennial perspective and conversation to help Gen Y employees find a different outlook on their roles. This can be changing their mindset from seeing you as their boss to seeing you as their coach. Instead of your employees feeling you are criticising their weaknesses, you are assuring them of their strengths. Broadening their perspectives also contributes to inclusivity.

Creates an inclusive workplace


You do not have to be a professional coach to use the coaching conversation method. Leaders can try to change their style and use this tactic to drive their teams and inspire them daily. Generation Y is your organisation’s future as you prepare them for greater heights and opportunities.

On the other hand, if you would like to improve your coaching conversation and leadership skills by learning from a real coach, we have the solution for you. BestOfMe offers insightful and convenient coaching for organisational leaders tailored to your needs.

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[1] McKinsey & Company. (n.d.). The Asian Millennial Workforce and the Travel Industry. Singapore Tourism Board.

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